Can Dating Impact Spousal Support and Custody Issues in California?

San Francisco divorce attorneysRelationships often begin when we least expect it, and this is no exception to people who are currently going through a divorce. This type of scenario has prompted many questions, most of which center on matters such as alimony and child custody/visitation. For this post, we’re examining these very types of issues. Keep in mind that this serves as a basic overview of spousal support and custody in a specific context. For more information about this or any other family law matter, you can always reach out to us at Rubin & Levavi, P. C. 

Dating and Alimony/Spousal Support

In many parts of the country, the courts scrutinize divorces in order to determine who is “at fault,” which in turn can impact spousal support and alimony settlements. In California, this is not the case. California is a “no fault” state. When a couple chooses to get a divorce, the family law courts have little interest addressing the “why.”

It’s true that having another partner while the divorce has yet to be finalized can be regarded as having an extramarital affair, but as California is a no-fault state, this has no bearing on alimony/spousal support.

Dating and Child Custody/Visitation

Things are a bit different with matters centering on child custody/visitation. As we’ve explained, the courts are interested in promoting the best interests of a child above everything else. If your new relationship is getting in the way of your parenting efforts, of if your partner of choice can potentially be used to demonstrate poor decision making, this could have an impact on decisions imposed upon by California family law courts.

If you’re facing child custody or visitation issues, or are involved in a dispute with the other parent, we highly recommend against introducing another person to the equation. It’s better to wait for the dust to settle before adding another factor that could work against your case.

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