Domestic Violence Can Impact Anyone

San Francisco family law attorneysAt Rubin & Levavi, P. C., we firmly believe in raising awareness of domestic violence across the state of California, and the nation at large. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a highly underreported form of abuse, and victims often hesitate to seek help, choosing to suffer in silence instead. In order to dispel some common myths about domestic violence, we thought we would take the time to discuss how this type of abuse can happen anywhere and across different demographics.

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Domestic Violence is not Confined to Certain Demographics

Many people are under the impression that domestic violence is more common in "troubled homes," and that stable communities see less instances of violence and abuse in the home. Unfortunately, statistics paint a different picture. Domestic violence is pervasive across all demographics, including those who are steadily employed, those who own homes, high-earners, and those who are heavily involved with community and family events.

Furthermore, lack of a previous history of abuse does not mean that domestic violence is not an issue in a given household. There are even cases where perpetrators don't even realize that their actions constitute domestic violence. This is why raising awareness across all communities and demographics is so important.

Men Can Also be Victims of Domestic Violence

In addition, gender is not a significant factor when it comes to domestic abuse. Both men and women can be victims of a partner's abusive behavior, and California's domestic violence laws treat both genders exactly the same. Despite this, men are much less likely to seek out assistance, especially when they fear that their claims will be taken lightly or worse, that people will ridicule them for speaking out.

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