How Abuse Affects Divorce Outcomes in California

San Francisco divorce attorneysPeople divorce over a variety of different reasons. Sometimes couples grow apart, other times infidelity is part of the picture, and sometimes a person wants to escape an abusive spouse/relationship. What many people don’t always realize is that the circumstances surrounding your divorce can and often do play a role during the divorce proceedings themselves.

This post looks at the ways in which abuse can potentially divorce outcomes in the state of California. As always, we recommend that you speak to an attorney as this post only offers general information and is no replacement for tailored legal advice. With that being covered, here’s what you need to know about the role that allegations and evidence of abuse play during California divorce proceedings.

Abuse Can Impact Custody Arrangements

The primary way in which abuse impacts divorce proceedings involved custody disputes and any concluding arrangements. If there is evidence that suggests children were being abused, or they directly witnessed abuse in any form, this places the accused perpetrator at a major disadvantage. Remember, this includes emotional abuse as well. If the courts believe that a parent poses a danger to his/her children’s health or well-being, they can opt to award sole custody to the other parent.

On the other hand, asset division is unaffected by abuse or other claims/evidence of misconduct. California is a community property state, and the courts will adhere to those standards regardless of how rotten your ex might have acted towards you or your children.

Speak with a Knowledgeable California Divorce Attorney

Allegations of abuse during divorce proceedings can quickly turn a straightforward custody dispute to a lengthy, complicated affair. When dealing with these types of issues in California, you cannot afford to proceed without the assistance of a skilled family law attorney, someone who is ready to protect your interests and help you safeguard the well-being of those you cherish the most.

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