How Can I Help My Children Prepare for my Upcoming Divorce?

San Francisco divorce attorneysDivorce is a turbulent and challenging time for anyone, especially children. No parent relishes having to tell his/her child about the decision to move forward with a divorce, and we are often asked about what steps a parent can take to help his/her child adjust to the new family arrangements.

While there isn't really a sure-fire way to mitigate the emotional challenges that divorce can impose on children, we’ve found a few strategies that can help prepare them for the transition. This collection of tips is designed to reassure your children and offer them a stronger sense of stability as they move towards unknown territory. For specific legal advice, remember that we at Rubin & Levavi, P. C. are here to help.

Remind them that Both Parents Love Them Unconditionally

It might seem obvious, but children need to be reassured that Mom and Dad both still love them. Children are perceptive, and many fear that either parent could stop loving them after they see that the love between noth parents is gone. Remind your children that no matter what happens, they still have two parents who love them deeply and unconditionally.

Emphasize that they are not at Fault

When it comes to a pending family crisis and major conflict between parents, children have a tendency to blame themselves. Even in cases where your decision was partially influenced by matters involving your child, it is imperative that you avoid burdening a child with a sense of guilt over his/her parent's divorce.

Assure them of their Safety and Well-being

Change is always scary, and younger children in particular might be terrified of the upcoming transition. Help your children understand that their safety and well-being is not in jeopardy and emphasize that Mom and Dad will continue to be around for them.

In general, you want to promote a sense that everything is going to work out just fine. Divorce is scary, but it is also often a change for the better, a fresh start. Children don't always have the foresight to see the positive aspects of the separation, so you want to make sure that you remain positive and help them maintain an optimistic outlook amidst any major life changes.

Need A California Family Law Attorney?

If you and your spouse have determined that divorce is the best course of action, your first step should be to seek out qualified legal counsel. A seasoned family attorney works to protect your interests, as well as those of your loved ones, while you navigate your California divorce.

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