How Custody Orders are Enforced in California

family law lawyerIn this post, we want to discuss how custody orders are enforced in California. More specifically, what happens when a parent violates a custody order? These plans are essential for the continued well-being of children and parents after a separation, and deviating from established plans isn’t without consequences.

First, let’s take a look at what a custody order violation actually looks like before moving onto specific penalties that a parent might face.

Custody Order Violations

Violations of custody orders can come in many shapes. For example, when a parent fails to meet the other parent to hand off the child at the agreed-upon time and place, this is considered a violation of a custody order. The inverse is also true: a parent who fails to show up to pick up the child as per the parenting plan is neglecting his/her custody orders. 

Custody violations can also include moving or relocating the child to another state or country without consent. In some cases, this is considered kidnapping and could lead to criminal charges.

Penalties for Violating Custody Orders in CA

When the courts catch wind that a parent has violated his/her custody orders, they often move quick to impose penalties on the offending parent. These penalties can include:

  • Loss of parental rights or custody privileges
  • Additional court hearings and all associated legal/court fees
  • Potential jail time for the guilty party

It is important for parents to do everything they can do avoid these penalties, which can further cause a rift between parent and child. This also means that parenting plans need to be clearly-defined, reasonable, and compatible with the needs of all involved parties. 

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