Is Couples’ Therapy Effective?

divorce processWhen your marriage is rocky and either or both parties are considering divorce, many couples decide to give their marriage one last chance via couples’ therapy. This can be a divisive option, and many are hesitant to invest additional sources into what they see as a dying marriage.

To help couples make a decision on whether couples’ therapy makes sense, we decided to explore the effectiveness rates of couples’ therapy for the topic of this post. To learn more, and to speak with a qualified family law attorney in CA, know that we at Rubin & Levavi, P. C. are here to assist.

For Many, Couples’ Therapy is a Powerful Tool

Not surprisingly, this is a topic that has been studied extensively for decades, and the results are more positive than you might think. According to findings made by the American Psychological Association, couples’ counseling, also known as Emotionally-Focused Therapy, is effective in 75 percent of cases. Interestingly, the success rate was the same whether the issues were minor or nature or major stress factors such as parents with ill or disabled children, infertile couples, military couples and spouses dealing with PTSD, and more.

How Abusive Behaviors Impact Couples’ Therapy Effectiveness

While this finding places couples’ counseling in a very positive light, there are a few factors that are commonly associated with marriages that fail after couples’ therapy, and they primarily involve abusive behavior. This includes emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, as well as substance addiction and abuse.

Another factor that lessens your chance of success is the degree to which the separation has progressed. Couples who have begun the process of separation, either mutually or individually, have trouble aligning with the goals promoted by Emotionally-Focused Therapy as they have already made up their mind about the marriage.

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