Millenials and Marriage: Why Young Adults are Getting Divorced Less

San Francisco Divorce LawyersWhile many online news outlets like to rag on millenials and their contributions to the decline of several industries, there’s one figure that has been dropping that is often neglected: divorce rates. These days, the divorce rate is almost 20 percent lower than it was a decade ago. This is a large drop, and is particularly encouraging for those who are looking to get married soon.

For this post, we want to examine the factors that have led to lower divorce rates among younger adults.

The Average Age for Getting Married is on the Rise

One factor that has contributed to lower divorce rates is the fact that millennials are simply waiting longer to get married. In the 70’s, the median age for marriage was 20 for women and 23 for men. These days, those figures sit at 27 for women and 29 for men, a notable increase. These figures back earlier studies which had suggested that those who married later had better chances of staying together.

Many Millenials Are Skipping the Wedding Altogether

In addition, in order for divorce to happen, you actually need to be married. One notable trend among younger adults is that many are skipping the “getting married” step, choosing to live with one another instead. One reason for this is that millennials are increasingly more focus on their careers rather than love or marriage.

Millenials who do choose to get married are usually influenced by the financial and legal benefits of marriage rather than the institution itself. In California, couples who live together do enjoy many of the same benefits that married couples have, which likely further lowers the incentive to getting married.

Talk to a Knowledgeable Family Law Attorney in CA

Despite these trends, plenty of people are still getting married and yes, even divorced. Regardless of the facts at hand, those who are dealing with any type of family law or divoce matters should always retain the assistance of a skilled legal professional.

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