Prenupital Agreements: Four Reasons to Sign One

divorce attorneyIt’s true that most people would rather approach their upcoming marriage in a way that is optimistic and positive, and while having a positive mindset can go a long way towards fostering a happy marriage, statistics make one thing clear: divorce is a common occurrence. Despite that, no one wants to think about this possibility and many people don’t see the point of signing a prenuptial agreement.

Despite this, there are many scenarios in which prenuptial agreements are a wise decision, a lesson that came too late for countless individuals who have gone through a divorce. Below are four reasons that can make a prenuptial agreement a good and sensible idea.

A person is re-marrying

Things quickly become complicated when you or your partner are remarrying, especially if there are children involved. A prenuptial agreement is important as it protects your assets and helps you secure the share of your assets that your first family deserves in the case of any tragedies.

One person is significantly wealthier than the other one

Even in instances where you see your spouse skyrocketing his/her career, or in instances where you started out making much less than your partner, you still need to protect your assets in case things go south with your marriage. Don’t take any chances, the implementation of a prenuptial agreement can save a lot of heartache.

One person is in a significant amount of debt

Even if you plan on helping your partner get ahead with his or her debt, you shouldn’t risk getting stuck with your partner’s debts if you end up getting a divorce. Getting a prenuptial agreement is sometimes seen as a lack of trust or commitment, and parties who suffer from a lack of one don’t often change their mind until it’s too late.

One person owns a business

Remember, you are at risk of losing your business when going through a divorce. The process of dissolving a marriage is difficult and stressful enough as-is, you shouldn’t have to also cope with the risk of losing your business. Protect your hard-earned investments and assets by ensuring that you have a solid prenuptial agreement in place.

These are just some scenarios where a prenuptial agreement can prove to be a wise decision. If you’re looking to set a prenuptial agreement in place, or for any other family law or divorce matters in or around San Francisco, CA, call the family professionals at Rubin & Levavi, P.C.