Questions to Ask When Consulting with a Divorce Lawyer

questionsdivorceattorneyThe prospect of having to deal with the divorce process can be very stressful, as it often marks unknown territory and uncertain outcomes for many. Thankfully, many seasoned divorce attorneys, such as the skilled litigators at Rubin & Levavi, P.C., can help ease your burdens as they stand by your side and ensure that all proceedings are conducted smoothly, and in a way that furthers your cause.

With that in mind, there are some questions that you should ask any divorce and family law attorney in order to further help move your case along smoothly, and to ensure that you’re getting the quality representation that you deserve. Below are just a few key questions that you should ask when consulting with a divorce attorney in California.

What is the strategy for my case?

While it might sound like a straightforward question, you should always have a clear picture of where your case is going. A reputable and trustworthy attorney will always explain your options fully and even expected outcomes to help you choose the right course of action. Remember, as you provide information about your case to your attorney, he/she will tailor your options to match your needs and expectations.

Should I Go with Mediation or opt for Litigation?

This is an important question to ask, as either option carries pros and cons. While mediation allows you to come to a resolution more quickly and efficiently, it might not always lead to the same results and your case might call for litigation. Nevertheless, a skilled divorce attorney will be able to explain the pros and cons of each route as it pertains to your case, and help you make an informed decision.

Can you tell me anything about my spouse’s lawyer?

This is one question that many people overlook. If your spouse has retained the services of an attorney, asking your lawyer about him or her could prove to be a very beneficial move. Many attorneys, especially those who are well-established in their area, have some experience working with other divorce attorneys and often know what to expect, further helping you remove chance and help secure a favorable outcome.

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