Should I Establish Paternity in California?

San Francisco child custody attorneysFor this post, we thought we would take the time to discuss the legal concept of paternity, and why establishing paternity in the state of California is important. There’s a variety of major reasons to establish paternity, none of which should be overlooked. Keep in mind that this is a general overview of this topic. If you’re seeking advice that is specifically tailored to your needs, remember that you can always contact the family law attorneys at Rubin & Levavi, P. C.

Paternity is a Legal, Court-Enforced Concept

Paternity carries a variety of legal benefits and allows you to establish yourself as the legally-recognized father of your child. This means that you can now make legal decision on his/her behalf, and establishing paternity is the first step in arranging court-enforced visitation and custody orders. It also opens the path for inheritance rights, veterans’ benefits, and social security benefits.

The Financial and Medical Benefits of Establishing Paternity

There’s also a multitude of financial benefits that paternity carries. A father is able to pass his medical benefits onto his children, something that is becoming increasingly important in the era of skyrocketing healthcare costs. In addition, child support amounts are influenced by the amount of time that parents spend with their children. The lack of a proper child visitation order means that the courts are likely to automatically award the max possible child support amount to the other party. Needless to say, this is not ideal and should be avoided at all costs.

Consult with Knowledgeable California Family Law Attorneys

As you can see, there’s a variety of important reasons to go ahead and establish paternity in California. Remember that we are here to help! If you want any further legal guidance on this issue, or on any other matter involving divorce or child/support, be sure to call us at Rubin & Levavi P. C. to schedule a free initial consultation.