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Peter R.

I came to Monica and Nancy while in a very dark place in my life. These two were amazing. They helped me find my path out and without sounding too corny, held my hand the whole way. These women are amazing I will always feel a huge sense of gratitude for what they did for me, my children and my future.

Lyne C.

I have been working with Nancy Rubin for the last year. She is patient, available, does her homework, researches, extends herself, and is a warrior in the SF Family Courtroom! I can count on her to tell it like it is. She knows the law. She takes it personally. Her law firm is professional and so incredibly kind. It has been a rough year for our family but having her in our corner has been amazing. I am so thankful for her brain & bravado! My family is taken care of because of her! Thank you Rubin and Levavi!

Margarita B.

Monica and Nancy are the best at what they do. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I'm grateful to Monica and Nancy for their efforts and dedication to my case. Thanks so much for everything!

Don H.

Nancy and Monica are amazing! They bring enormous skill and humanity to their work. They guided, supported, and fought for me at every stage of my very contentious custody litigation. And they helped me maintain my sanity throughout. Their advice and approach were keenly strategic. I have no doubt their hard work and passionate commitment preserved my parental rights. In the process, I realized how consequential good lawyers are in the family court system! Nancy and Monica are the best.

Dwayne P.

Rubin and Levavi are a 5 STAR firm. I walked into their office with despair and no hope. I only saw my daughter hours in a week. In less then a year I am a very happy father with 50/50 custody of my daughter. I HOWL with joy. Two things a person should get if going through a child custody fight. 1. A good lawyer like Rubin and Levavi. 2. A copy of Dante's The Inferno. Rubin and Levavi were my Virgil. They keep me strong during a very tough legal process.

Natalia S.

I had the privilege of having Nancy and Monica represent me in my custody case. These two are very hard working and diligent in their defense. Nancy and Monica helped me protect my 4 year old daughter from a mentally unstable and abusive 'father' who had the nerve to serve me with custody papers. These women were there for me every step of the way and made me a priority. They were available 24 hours a day if I needed them urgently. They were professional yet caring the entire time. Family court is not an easy process to go thru however I was able rest assured Nancy was doing everything in her power to ensure the welfare of my daughter. These two women kick butt in court and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a great family law attorney.

Doris P.

I have been so fortunate to have had this attorney on my side during a miserable divorce. She is a genuine, caring, honest, passionate, extremely intelligent lawyer. She is competent and hardworking beyond expectation, and one of the rarely good people you are thankful to meet if your life requires her services. She is clearly well known and respected by the courts from my experience, and knows the law to the letter. She hasn't represented me for months and I am still in debt to her from my case, but when I saw her recently she pulled me aside to warn me about documents not filed by my ex-spouses attorney and other foul play happening that I was unaware of. She had been following my case from the sidelines and didn't even mention my debt. Her concern was that I receive justice- whether she benefitted from it or not- I think that says it all.

James R.

Monica, All I can say is that I am your butterfly that has emerged from his cocoon from the counsel and support of Rubin and Levavi. I have said to you many, many times how you have made me feel better after we spoke. The day I first met Nancy was probably the single hardest day of my life. Nancy was incredible. Simply, your video was brilliant and encapsulate exactly what my experience has been working with your firm.

Michelle P.

I just watched your video and I really liked it. One of the reasons I chose you was because of your friendliness and caring and I think that comes across in the video. I also liked that you talk about how at the end of it all people have a new life. So nice job.