The 4 Most Bizarre Divorce Stories You’ve Ever Heard

divorce papersGoing through a divorce is never easy; it takes an emotional and financial toll on a person. In fact, relationships are the fourth most common cause of stress in the United States. Filling out divorce papers, hiring divorce lawyers, dividing your assets -- it's a lot to handle! Your divorce is harrowing; no one would deny that. But you can count on one thing: it can't be any worse than the divorces of these four couples.

Cambodian Split
In a rural Cambodian village in 2008, a couple decided to end their 18-year marriage. Moeun, the husband, suspected that his wife was having an affair with a local police officer. After discussing the details of the divorce, they came to the very reasonable conclusion that they would split everything in half. So, that's what they did. Moeun showed up to the house with family members, chainsaws, and a whole lot of alcohol. The men split the house right down the middle and carried Moeun's half to his parents' place.

The Sitcom Divorce
When husband and wife both refused to move out of their shared home upon filing for divorce, one judge had a simple solution. This tried and true method proved successful for couples during the 1980s who happened to be fictional and living in a sitcom, so why not? The judged ordered that a wall be built down the center of their three-story home in Brooklyn, making this (presumably) the first case in American history to be taken from an episode ofThe Facts of Life.

Murder in Japan
A Japanese woman may face jail time for the murder of her ex-husband after he called the police reporting the destruction of his online avatar in the role-playing game, Maple Story. Having come "home" one day to learn that she had been dumped by her online lover, the 43-year-old piano teacher hacked into the man's account and destroyed the character that he had spent real money and a whole lot of time creating. As it turns out, in-game crime is a real thing in Japan, and she is now looking at five years incarceration or a $5,000 fine.

Husband Reveals That He is Actually a Zombie
During his divorce in 2007, Joe came up with the perfect defense to avoid signing divorce papers. He claimed that he could not divorce his wife, Karen, because their marriage had been dissolved three years prior when he "died." Taking "til death do us part" to a whole other level, Joe cited an incident in which his heart stopped, technically killing him for a moment before he was revived. However, his case did not stand in court because he could not prove that the incident ever occurred, and also because he showed up to court as a living person.

An estimated 40 to 50% of first marriages in the United States end in divorce, though this statistic probably doesn't take online role-playing marriages into consideration. So, it could be even higher. Who knows for sure?

Fortunately for the four couples from the stories, none of them had children (that we know about). The parents of 1.5 million kids divorce each year, and often, the separation is harder on them than their parents. As a parent, if you are facing divorce, you may have some questions about family law. The best thing you can do is to hire child custody lawyers with experience.