Valid Reasons for Annulment in California

family law lawyerIn our experience, annulment is one of those legal proceedings that is poorly understood by many. For this post, we thought we would take the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions regarding annulment and want to spend time covering the various reasons that can cause a couple to seek one in the first place.

Despite popular belief, annulments are not simply an alternative to divorce or a quick and easy way to back out of a marriage. Rather, it’s a process meant for marriages that were never valid to begin with. In California, as well as in other parts of the US, you need to have a valid reason in order to be eligible for annulment.

Grounds to Getting an Annulment  

A marriage can be considered invalid for a variety of different reasons. These include:

  • A person was already in a pre-existing, legally valid marriage
  • Someone was a minor (under the age of 18) when the marriage took place
  • Both spouses are related by blood
  • A person was forced or coerced into a marriage
  • Either party was ‘of unsound mind’ or suffers from an ‘incurable physical incapacity
  • Consent for the marriage was obtained via fraudulent actions

As you can see, the intent of an annulment is quite clear: it’s meant to disband unions that were never supposed to happen in the first place. For feuding couples who are part of a perfectly valid marriage, they’ll have to look elsewhere as far as divorce options are concerned.

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