Allegations of Alcohol or Drug Use During Custody Disputes

When it comes to custody issues, parents are willing to fight tooth and nail to protect their parental rights at all times. This means that they’ll use any advantage they can get, including using an ex-partner’s alcohol or drug use against them. 

Today, we want to talk about allegations of alcohol or drug addiction during custody and visitation disputes. The courts are primarily concerned with the well-being and safety of a child above all, and they take these types of allegations seriously. Depending on the circumstances at hand, they will take steps to investigate the matter further in order to uncover evidence of alcohol or drug abuse. 

Allegations Can Lead to Court-Ordered Testing

Allegations come in many forms, but the family law courts in CA won’t take any action without solid evidence. They rely on a combination of sources, including medical records, arrest and other court records, and eyewitness testimony. They will even order drug tests for involved parties and other members of the household if they deem it appropriate. 

Testing can come in a variety of forms including urine tests and hair tests. Hair tests are especially precise and can even distinguish between heavy or light substance abuse, making them an effective form of evidence that can inform the court’s next steps. 

Evidence of Alcohol or Drug Abuse Leads to Loss of Parental Rights

When the family law courts find evidence of serious alcohol or substance abuse, they won’t hesitate in taking action to keep any involved children safe. This weighs the court’s favor heavily towards the other party in all custody and visitation matters, and can lead to having any current arrangements or parental rights stripped. 

Speak with a Skilled Child Custody Attorney in California

Allegations of these nature during divorce proceedings or child custody disputes are serious matters. Don’t navigate these matters blindly and always consult with a qualified family law attorney before plotting out your next moves. 

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