Are Verbal Agreements Valid in California?

San Francisco divorce attorneysWhen it comes to divorce proceedings, collaborating with the soon-to-be-ex often makes sense, and it’s possible that you may have previously discussed potential arrangements if divorce was ever on the table. This can be effective in helping you avoid a messy divorce provided that, when push comes to shove, the agreement is legally enforceable.

The problem with this is that, even when our clients discuss potential arrangements with their spouses, very few actually take the time to write anything down. Where does this put verbal agreements? Unfortunately, as this post covers, verbal agreements are largely unenforceable and not recognized by the family law courts in CA.

Verbal Agreements Do Not Influence Asset Division

It’s important for all arrangements or agreements that involve asset division to be written down, as verbal agreements have no validity here. When there isn’t a formal place in plan, everything is subject to California’s community property laws. In simple terms, this means that all marital property is to be divided evenly between both spouses.

Child Custody Proceedings Prioritize the Child’s Best Interests

The only time a verbal agreement is considered within child custody arrangements is when said agreement promotes the child’s best interests, and when said agreement helps preserve stability in the child’s routine. This is because all child custody proceedings are designed to prioritize the child’s needs and well-being above anything else.

Past that, verbal agreements are a no-go within child custody hearings/disputes.

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